It’s Not Hard To See Why YouTube’s 2018 Rewind Was A Catastrophic Shitfest

We’re nearing the end of another year and that means a number of things. Boundaries are being pushed on an almost daily basis as offices around the country are throwing moral obligations out the window and getting absolutely fuckin’ rowdy, Mum’s gearing up to do the “big” Christmas shop – a task that seemingly takes […]

This 15 Year-Old Activist Just Roasted A Bunch Of World Leaders For “Acting Like Children”

From the outside looking in, it’s extremely easy to view politicians as a punch of silver-spoon fed private school wankers who are solely interested in furthering their careers at seemingly the expense of everyone else. Well, that’s essentially been confirmed by 15-year-old Sweedish activist Greta Thunberg, who while speaking at the United Nation’s conference on […]

Bloke Loses Driving License 49 Minutes After Getting It

Ah life, such a cruel temptress who can take away things just as quickly as she gave them out in the first place. In this case, filling you with euphoria that you’ve finally finished your pain in the arse driving test only to be told you’ll have to do the whole thing again and pay a fuckload […]